Brilliant Elevator Test Tower

Yuanda Intellectual Brilliant elevator testing tower, the surface height of 177 meters, construction area of 10855 square meters, 38 floors above ground and 3 floors underground, with 11 test Wells, there is test equipment with the largest domestic experiment, supreme capacity of ultra-high speed and large capacity. It can carry out the speed of 10 m/s high-speed elevator complete technical test, to meet the company's full series of different specifications of the elevator test.

82 sets of elevator inspection equipment are installed in the test tower, which can carry out all-round quality tests on 69 different elevator components of 21 categories. 2 million times of traction machine braking test, 1.2 million times of steel wire rope bending fatigue test, 1 million times of button trigger test, and a series of tests, such as device electrical aging, roller loading rotation, vibration resistance of components, so that the elevators reach the best in all aspects of performance indicators.

Yuanda Intellectual Brilliant elevator test Tower has become a landmark building in China's elevator industry and even the world's elevator industry.